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Taiwan Con Goods SALE

p.s. aidoru_ya is not affliated in anyway to idolshop
we only sell Original J.E. items.

We are having a sale to clear everything out latest by 21st March for all payments and a first-come-first-served basis.

* we did not take pics of posters because we do not want to damage or open them.
If you would like to see images of them I suggest maybe news_jpop or other fansites or communities as they would most likely have them.

All goods are NEW & SEALED.
Payment accepted: Paypal, Concealled Cash[in Yen] @ sender's risk
Bank Deposit available to AU orders only.(via my friend's bank acc)

Orders with pamphlet and is 10000¥ or more will be given ONE free NewS Calendar 2008-2009 / Kurosagi flyer.
limited amounts = first-come-first-serve basis.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
please click on all thumbnails for bigger images
applicable to order of con goods only.

Please copy and fill in the following.
My collegue and I will get back to you ASAP.
there is a sample in the comments of this post

images & price under the cutCollapse )

you can also download the images that I have printed on PDF format.
thumbnail scans of what shop pics are for sale also included in the file.
MU | MF | SS
shop pics are jrs,k8(ryo),kt,news
*im helping my friend ryuenuriko include her news 07 live shop pics in the above pdf file.*
her shop pics are same price as teshige's but it is located in AU

all pics are 350yen
shipping is 200yen every 8 pics
(shipping free when bought with con goods)

-kattun 042 519 |
-news 116 117 120 192 261 271 | 103 106 293 298 309 |

regarding previous orders,
If you have paid, to my knowledge all paid items have all been sent out.
please email to aidoruya@gmail.com if for any enquiries regarding the postage of previously paid goods ONLY.

all other new enquiries pls comment here & I will do my best to answer.

**I'm no longer active on LJ but I will forward all comments that I get from this post to my friend, if you would like to enquire about something then could you kindly leave an email add that she could reply to
*below is an email I sent out today to those ordered or paid
those that did not receive this email your orders are confirmed & will be shipped out within these 2 weeks.

Hi Everyone

Johnny's finally sent out the goods & we received it.

There are those that have yet to make payments and there are others who need to confirm if you still want to continue with your order, latest by 20 Jan at 9pm GMT+9(Japan Time).

We are missing addresses for those who have paid. Also, those who have paid via concealed cash need to confirm if I have recieved it.
Some have said they would pay via paypal but we have yet to receive payment /have trouble locating it.

If you are still interested in your order of Taiwan goods, but haven't paid, please contact us with the following information:
- Name, mailing address, country, paypal email,customer no(if any).
attached is the pricelist of all the goods available for your reference.

If you have paid, we would like to confirm your mailing address again so please get back to us otherwise if we don't have your mailing address, we will hold it until we receive a reply.
-cust no,name, mailing address, country, paypal email.

I'm sorry but no refunds are going to be made since we already have paid Johnny's in full way back when we made the order. We hope that you understand because we have alot of excess goods at this point in time.

If we have not receive any replies from you by 20th Jan 9pm GMT+9(Japan Time), we would have to come to the conclusion that you no longer want the goods and we will allocate/sell it to someone else.(applies to only those that have not paid)

Thank you for taking the time to place an order with aidoru_ya @ LJ.com
Akiko Chan
Akiko chan @

aidoru_ya LJ comm staff


Posters - 1300¥ + poster tube(one needed only, many posters can fit inside 1 tube) 300¥
Clear File - 900¥
Uchiwa - 900¥
Panphlet - 2800¥
Postcard Set - 1500¥
Hashi/Chopsticks Set - 2000¥
Penlight - 1800¥
Seal(stickers) Book - 1500¥
[prices shown here are applicable to pre orders only]

NewS Taiwan Goods(Arrived @ Jp address)

Hii minna san
After so long JE has finally mailed out the goods & it has been received.

All orders to Singapore will be sent to ryuenuriko where you will meet up & pay the combined shipping cost according to the amount that you ordered.
She will be informed about the total cost of shipping and everything.

other confirmed orders will be mailed directly to your respective addresses.

Thank you for ordering from aidoru_ya

Big NEWS!!!!

I just got half of the Taiwan concert goods this morning. I supose the rest will get here tomorrow ^^ 

I will be shipping these to all of you in the next week, so please be patient ^^ I will send you individualy an email when I ship the items, as well as the tracking code if you chose EMS ^^

I apologize for all the inconveniences up until now, I will do my best to ship these asap

x Teshige

about Taiwan Concert Goods orders

Hello everyone.
I am very sorry not to have informed you earlier about this. The Taiwan Concert Goods orders I placed with JE were suposed to arrive by the end of November, but I recieved an email from the company saying that due to overdemand they are gonna take longer to ship the goods to me. They said they will arrive by the end of December. 

We are NOT cheating on your money, please don't worry about this. I am more stressed than anyone waiting for the goods to arrive, as I will have to dispatch more than 50 orders once the goods get to me. Please be patient and I will keep informing you about the situation.

I am very sorry, but I can't do anything to this cause its what the company told me, and there's no more option than to wait.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Exams are over & Back to work

Hi Everybody Im back.
Current status of Taiwan orders because I know everyone is concerned.
Please refer to your Customer Number given in the confirmation email.
If you did not receive one, I'm really sorry but due to the limited goods we will try to source for more if there are any we will send notifications.

We found a source for more orders, we will have excess as some have cancelled their orders and also those that placed their orders before the closing date but have not received their confirmation will sent emails on monday.
the greatest news today is that we will be able to get goods for everyone.
Hi everyone

I'm sorry if I have disappeared on you.
I ahve exams till the 1st of Nov.
I will answer all queries and confirm all orders after the 1st of Nov.

Thousands of apologies
Yours Sincerely
Akiko Chan
all questions pls ask on this post.
I will try to answer them if I am online

Shipping to Singapore

OK I'm going to settle this problem first.
There are alot of customers from Singapore asking for shipping and stuff like that.
I have a friend going back in Dec. I believe some of you have seen here around, shes been advertising her BBQ for any J.E. fan who is able to be in Singapore for a BBQ on 27th Dec.ryuenuriko
She agreed to get everybody's stuff sent to her place but you have to meet up with her to get your goods somewhere in the city.

Having all the goods going to EMS to her place also makes it safer coz EMS can be traced.

Shipping for such a large amount of goods will be collected by her later so it is easier to split. She will not be earning anything.
shipping cost is depending on how many items you buy and what you bought so the shipping is split fairly among everybody.

If later during meet-up you are unable to pay her shipping cost, she will hold all your orders.
If you are from singapore and agree to the above conditions pls leave your hp no. and name after you have placed an order for later ref.
all comments are screened.


pls no placing orders on this post thank you.
I will not take orders that are placed here to be fair to the rest on the pre-order post.
if you cant find it its


NewS Taiwan Con Goods from Japan Pre-Order


all orders placed after this will be considered if we still have time to process your order.
Something came up and I wont be home to take orders.
all those that have placed order with the ordering format:name email country. rest assured that your order has been taken.
those who have not gotten their confirmation letters pls wait till Sunday.

panphlet 2800 yen
uchiwa 900 yen
clearfiles 900 yen
postcard set 1500yen
seal book 1500yen [Most likely its the sticker booklet]
hashi set (chopsticks) 2000 yen
penlight 1800 yen
posters 1300yen(1 poster tube + 200 yen unless you wish that we fold the poster and mail it to you.)

all comments screened~
Order Format
Country & State:(please provide otherwise I'm unable to calculate the shipping cost)
Payment:Paypal / International Bank Deposit[CitiBank] / Concealed Cash @ sender's own risk
Items:[goods][member name / grp] * 1(or more)

payments need to be fully paid by 24 oct.
you will be sent a confirmation email after you place an order. please wait for max. 12 hrs for response.

=edited @ 4.30pm GMT+9=
btw I forgot... I won't get the goods until the end of november, so they will get to the buyers by the beggining of december. please tell so!!!
J.E. will only send out the goods in Nov so fans will receive it in Dec
we can order up to 25 pc of each..

=6.30pm GMT+9=
regarding posters and other goods.
[poster][shige] * 1
[poster][grp] * 1
[uchiwa][shige] * 1
[folder][shige] * 1
[penlight] * 1

both posters will be shipped together,
others will be shipped together.

[concealed cash will be directed to Singapore and Australia addresses depending on where you stay]

Singapore orders will be defaulted to this, unless you state that you want it delivered to your address direct from Japan
all exchange rates follow paypal or http://www.xe.com/ucc

If you have not received your confirmation email please check your junk/spam mail or trash first before contacting me.

Pi - 7
Ryo - 20
Koyama - 22
Shige - 20
Massu - 22
Tegoshi - 13
Group - SOLD OUT .
Clear File
Pi - 11
Ryo - 19
Koyama - 22 .
Shige - 22
Massu - 21
Tegoshi - 19
Group - SOLD OUT
Pi - 13
Ryo - 13
Koyama - 21 .
Shige - 18
Massu - 19
Tegoshi - 13

Pamphlet - SOLD OUT
Postcard Set - 16
Chopstick Set - 17
Penlight - 14
Seal Book - 18



all orders placed after this will be considered if we still have time to process your order.
Something came up and I wont be home to take orders.
all those that have placed order with the ordering format:name email country. rest assured that your order has been taken.
those who have not gotten their confirmation letters pls wait till Sunday.

Taiwan Con Goods Update

Taiwan goods order will start on 15 Oct 07.
no further details given on how to order.
therefore We are unable to confirm any preorders at this time.

**will update with more infomation
again there is nothing confirmed.
If all is well, I will be posting and announcing on the comms concerning NewS.
I don't want to give anybody false hopes until I confirm 100% with our contact in Japan.