teshige (teshige) wrote in aidoru_ya,

about Taiwan Concert Goods orders

Hello everyone.
I am very sorry not to have informed you earlier about this. The Taiwan Concert Goods orders I placed with JE were suposed to arrive by the end of November, but I recieved an email from the company saying that due to overdemand they are gonna take longer to ship the goods to me. They said they will arrive by the end of December. 

We are NOT cheating on your money, please don't worry about this. I am more stressed than anyone waiting for the goods to arrive, as I will have to dispatch more than 50 orders once the goods get to me. Please be patient and I will keep informing you about the situation.

I am very sorry, but I can't do anything to this cause its what the company told me, and there's no more option than to wait.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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