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hi everybody.. I just noticed that we recently started gaining more members..

all that we do are explained in the profile

I will be annoucing some order taking for JE.SHOP ONLY GOODS in about 12 hours time after I check again with one of the girls to see if the items are still available and still in stock in Harajuku.

**regardin the taiwan con goods order from Japan, nothing is confirmed.
If all is well, I will be posting and announcing on the comms concerning NewS.
I don't want to give anybody false hopes until I confirm with our contact in Japan.

Opening Soon

Doumo Akiko desu!!!

ok so tomorrow one of our girls will be heading down to the J.E. Store to offically get some goods for this comm/store..

we are gonna focus on
NewS and Akame first.. to test waters..
might try to find some Uchi n Kusano offical pics

we also allow requests for the boys endorsed items like
KAT-TUN's lipstick,gum,
NewS' RUSS-K...
Domoto Tsuyoshi's Hi-Chew candy..
please be reasonable.. MOW(Pi's endorsed ice cream) should highly not likely be able to be shipped..

as usual.. the rule is that full payment to be made first before item will be bought from the store..

I will offically be doing all the announcing and stuff of this comm this Sunday 14 Oct 07
gonna deal with the layout on Sunday and will be selling the items from the J.E. STORE on Thurs/Fri (1 week later)


OK some have been asking when are we opening.
We are opening within the next few weeks or at the start of Nov. which is in 3 weeks' time.

Having a tiny prob of passing the cash to one of the mods in Japan at the moment.
Layout of this comm has not been chosen but a logo for this comm has been done already by Miharu chan (chu~~!)

We are considering the S2 style with QUITE LICKABLE so that its easier to customize

That free J.E. Merchandise competition is still going to happen but still in the discussion room =D

If anybody might want to give suggestions to the theme JAPAN/JAPANESE
please feel free to suggest it here. If we use it you might get something special too.

Till then..
Akiko Chan

Competition for prizes

Thanks for dropping by this comm.
& many thanks to those that have started adding us or watching us.
I really appreciate that.

I have discussed with all the mods a few months back that we would hold a competition for some graphics design

I personally can't really remember what it actually was but the prizes are really attractive mostly original JE goods.

I will update once everybody is back online again & ready to discuss.

keep an eye out for this I'm sure nobody wants to miss a chance at getting free JE goods
this post is for testing purposes..
*note to posters
use the predefined tags =D

*yay first post of this comm*


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