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Hi minna san

Welcome to Aidoru-ya, The Idol Shop.
We are 6 girls (Akiko, Miharu, Rin, Ru, Yuuko, Henry)who have come together to help you get what you want from Japan and it's stars(preferably boys). We offer a range of services such as:

  • J.E. Concert Preorders

  • bidding in Yahoo!Japan, Amazon Japan, Yahoo!Taiwan auctions

  • assortment of rare/old idol goods and anything else Japanese

  • Special orders for shop goods

  • reprints

  • Fan-made/Handicraft items

*bidding and special orders for shop goods will only be taken after November 07.

The 6 of us are currently located in Australia, England, Japan, Singapore.

  • J.E. Concert goods pre-orders will be done if either we are going to the concerts, or we are able to get someone to get it for us for a fee and if only the orders are in a large amount and all must be paid before a certain stated date prior to the day of the concert.

  • Special orders will only be done if there is a big enough volume to cover the cost of transportation.

  • All winning bids from the Auctions will be charged a minimal fee and a deposit is required before we bid for the item.

  • Reprints will be done upon request. THERE ARE NO READY-PRINTED ONES UP FOR SALE. We only reprint what we have in our collections.

  • Fan-made/Handicraft items will be offered from time to time when there is a want or need to show off our creative skills with the rest of the community.

We accept Paypal / Concealed Cash / Bank Deposit (only if you are in one of the countries named) depending on each situation and who has the item/seller.
We will mainly work in Euro, Yen and the occasional US Dollar.
We will each be in-charge of different category of this community and may sometimes overlap, please give us sometime to sort everything out as we are new.

We will ship Worldwide but just an advice to certain countries where mail is likely to get lost.
Insurance/Express for your parcel is the only way that it will not get lost.

kiseki_okose - Akiko (main admin)
sosweet_jin - Ru
teppen_mezase - Rin
kaerimichi07 - Miharu
teshige - Yuuko
kyuteminihompy - Henry(I didn't know it was a girl's name till now.. ne Henry...)
feel free to call us by our names.

sosweet_jin & teshige
Auction bidding:
teshige & teppen_mezase & kiseki_okose & sosweet_jin (Taiwan Auctions)
Items for Sale:
kiseki_okose & sosweet_jin & teppen_mezase & teshige & kaerimichi07 & kyuteminihompy
Special Orders:
kiseki_okose & teshige & teppen_mezase
Fan-made/Handicraft Items:
kaerimichi07 & kiseki_okose & kyuteminihompy